Fall is here and the weather is getting colder my friends!

And that means it’s time to shift your focus from outside yourself to in, from exuberance to conservation, and from a diet and lifestyle that keeps heat in check to one that balances out the cold.

Let me explain.

Cold weather makes you want to wear a sweater and cozy up with a nice big mug of pumpkin spice anything.

But what most people don’t think about is that these cravings carry a message.

The weather has a bigger impact on your health and sense of well-being than you might realize.


And the slower, warmer comforts in life are exactly what your body, mind, and spirit instinctually know you need during the darker seasons of the year.

Most of us overlook the nuances that keep us feeling healthy and happy in colder weather.

But natural medicine traditions like Ayurveda and Chinese medicine base their entire understanding of health on the distinctions between the seasons.

Each season, according to these traditions, has its own set of rhythms and rituals.


And when you live in harmony with each season, it allows you to not just float along in the tide, but harness the power of the waves to create the life you want.

By shining a light on the guiding principles of the season, you’re empowered to use them in your own life with more intention so you can feel as happy and healthy as possible.


Here are the 3 Guiding Principles That Will Help You Thrive This Fall


1. Slow Down

Think about a field at the edge of the woods with a pond in the summertime.

Now think about that same beautiful setting in the winter.

What do you see?

What do you hear?

The winter setting is a lot slower and quieter than the summer.


You might notice yourself feeling sleepier as the nights get longer.

There’s a reason for that.

Here in autumn, nature is putting on its breaks to get ready for the quiet respite that winter provides.

If you keep buzzing along full-force like it’s summer, you’ll be completely out of sync with nature’s rhythm.


And when you’re out of sync with nature’s rhythms, there’s no natural energy available to support you.

This means that if you’re trying to do all the things while most of nature is hibernating, you’re going to find yourself pushing extra hard, which leaves you feeling exhausted, anxious, and much more easily overwhelmed.

Burnout is inevitable when you don’t embrace this opportunity to just chill for a moment.


If, on the other hand, you let yourself slow down and conserve your energy, you’ll reap all the benefits.

Ideas will start flowing to you.

Life will feel easier and less stressful.

And by the time spring starts to push up you’ll feel a sense of excitement and eager anticipation bubbling up inside of you.


2. Keep Warm

It may seem obvious, but given the things I’ve seen people do in the fall and winter, it has to be said.

Your body needs more energy when the weather gets colder.


Because in order to be healthy, everything in your body has to be in a constant state of dynamic movement.

And when you allow too much cold in, the whole operation of Project You slows down.

The reason you find yourself craving warm things in the colder months is to make your body’s job easier.

Listen to what your body is telling you!


If you are uncomfortable, either physically or emotionally, check in with yourself to make sure you’re keeping the warmth on the inside.

Protect yourself from the elements with the right clothes, denser foods, and warming herbs.

These cravings are your body’s natural way of storing warmth and conserving energy so you have enough enough left over to spring into action in the springtime.


3. Set Boundaries


In Chinese medicine, fall is represented by the Phase-Element Metal.


And what are the qualities of metal?



No-nonsense hardness.

Swords are made of metal.

Shields are made of metal.

Treasure is made of metal.

The justice system runs on metal.

So one of the biggest themes in fall wellness is the idea of setting boundaries.


And it goes hand-in-hand with conserving your energy.

Be precious about it.


Only invite the people, thoughts, and activities in that truly light you up.


Check your guilt at the door.

Now is the time drop whatever doesn’t serve you.

Because you’re planting the seeds of the future right now.

And they need all the room they can get to grow.

Learn how to intentionally retrain your brain to feel less stressed.

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